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Xth Sense body sound amplifier controls sounds, apps (open source)

Du wolltest immer mal in deinen Körper rein hören und damit „Sachen“ steuern? Das geht. Die Sounds können aber auch genutzt werden um per App wiederum Synths zu steuern (oder was auch immer man will) – und es ist Open Source. Blutstrom Körpersound to Audio to Synth Converter – oder „sowas ähnliches“ … _ Xth Sense is an open source „hackable“ audio amplifier that can give these to an app and can control synths the hardware: the app: so it is sort of a playground for experiencing the own body…

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Numerology + Modular synth

Note : There is a new tool out, to NOT having to use Motu gear to have DC offset, you may need special cable then. it’s called the AC Encoder plug-in – it’s like this: _ This guy’s using a Motu, but just mind that it is possible without Motu (and iLok!) and the Software itself to use is Silent Way: Please download the demo and test Silent Way with your hardware before purchasing. __ YouTube – To Online friends I’ll Never Meet – Numerology + Modular synth.

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Multitouch Controlled Softsynth on Mac: MdrumSynth & MStrechSynth

Very cool idea how to control sounds via the macbook pro multitouch pad – MDrumSynth Demo – Kevin Schlei (2010) from Kevin Schlei on Vimeo. MStretchSynth Demo – Kevin Schlei (2010) from Kevin Schlei on Vimeo. Very nice page he got there and I see a nice Metasynth-kind of spectrum synth there, too. VisualSynth 1.2 Now online – click here to load and play so what can I say? this guy is cool! check out his work, he’s also into video and his page is worth looking at it twice!

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