Hybrid/Digital Synthex 2 Synthesizer by Mario Maggi (Crumar…)

THEEE synth guy in Italy, Mr. Mario Maggi, is working on a digital Synth with the name of Synthex 2 (I am not sure if it’s the final name, but there are some quotes on these Forum Posts: Synthex 2 von Mario Maggi that explain a lot by Enrice Cosimi, who I met at the Synthex / Elka – Re-Issue Event in Frankfurt (Hi Enrico!) – who says they simply did not intent to have the same idea of bringing the „Synthex Name“ back in 2 completely different ways, so – here’s…

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Italian Synthesizers Siel, Elka, Crumar, Jen, GRS, EKO, Kiwi, Solton and now GRP also

ANALOGUE SYNTH MISC. misc synth from italy ITALIAN SYNTH MANUFACTURERS – CRUMAR + BIT – Mario Crucianelli – ELKA SYNTHEX (originally they made organs) – SIEL / KIWI (SOCIETA INDUSTRIE ELETTRONICHE) – EKO Synth – JEN – SOLTON are historic, the Crumar brand is now used again – the newer products like the Bassman Hybrid Synthesizer (2010) are different and more international.. STUDIO ELECTRONICS more on studio electronics on the oberheim sites.. italian CRUMAR = Crucianelli, Mario the founders name. later Crumar changed since the Crumar Bit one and Bit…

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Classic Synth Specials Digital Synth Synthesizer History Timeline 

Hi-End Synthesizer Special – from Synclavier, ConBrio to GDS/Synergy to Fairlight

HI-END SPECIAL / Die BESONDEREN.. – New England Digital – Synclavier.. read the manual „why a synclavier has no midi“ ;-)) hi end FM and sampling station, better run it with a 68k vintage mac for editing.. it does Resynthesis, 12 OSCs with additiv Spectrum per OSC, FM but with one modulating and one carrier each, multiple additiv waves can be morhed into another that appear on a sort of a time line/linear envelope (just time between those additive spectra oscs) – 4 sample OSC/Timbres- >  sampling is possible on this…

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