Italian Synthesizers Siel, Elka, Crumar, Jen, GRS, EKO, Kiwi, Solton and now GRP also

ANALOGUE SYNTH MISC. misc synth from italy
– CRUMAR + BIT – Mario Crucianelli
– ELKA SYNTHEX (originally they made organs)
– EKO Synth

are historic, the Crumar brand is now used again – the newer products like the Bassman Hybrid Synthesizer (2010) are different and more international..

STUDIO ELECTRONICSmore on studio electronics on the oberheim sites..
italianCRUMAR = Crucianelli, Mario the founders name.
later Crumar changed since the Crumar Bit one and Bit 99 were more BIT products (big letters) than Crumar..
Crumar ds2, 2 LFOs and lots of features, it is… „digital“ (means: DCO, it is not true that it’s signal flow is completely VA)!! yes!! but has a lot of nice features.. see for samples , italian synth.. duophonic

want to know about its hardware?

italian synth company

click the images to enlarge.. –>

crumar ds2 synthesizer
crumar ds2 synthesizer
crumar ds2 bender
DK Synergy Synthesizera digital Synthesizer that could only be programmed via a Kaypro Computer attached to it. The Kaypro was a quite „normal“ Computer at that time, today it is very exotic of course.. well, in fact it is made by DK, „Digital Keyboards“ , when you really edit it’s sound there will be much more interesting than those presets – it’s sounds can be additive and some phase chancellation effects and feedback for the Oscs (the secret weapon).

on top a thomas synth organ crossover synth..
the thomas 1055

it’s been said the Synergy / Synergy II is a Crumar Product..

also known as GDS / Digital Keyboards / Synergy / Mulogix

dk synergy
dk synergy + moog thomas synth
Crumar less than made by Bob Moog, also rare.. it has 2 filters: multimode and a standard „moog“ style 24dB/oct. one, 2 mod busses (like multimoog)crumar spirit
crumar spirit
thx for spirit pics to theo / – click to enlarge
Crumar Bit 99 + Bit One
also italian! some kind of response to the oberheim matrix it had no mod matrix but still a lot of nice features and sounds (quite close,imo) also very under-estimated!! it’s possibly the same problem as the akai vx600 had..
or maybe for it’s italian manufacturer..there are quite simlliar versions:

bit 99, bit 01 and bit one.
the 01 was the rack version.. and has no midi out.

they are all compatible but the 01 uses another ID, so you may need to change the first 3 ID bytes (especially the third model number ID)

Crumar Bit99
enlarge bit pic? just klick it!!
crumar bit one
CrumarCrumar Synth overview / überblick..
Pseudo Synth Davolisint (on the right) and real one from GRS, Italy.. I really don’t know much about its history but here
is a picture..
grs synthesizer + davolisint
GRSGRS Synth overview / überblick..
in 1983 ppl prefered to buy the DX7 the digital era began – but the italian organ company elka this this marvelous poly synthesizer! it has multimode filters, midi and the ultra fat sound that you might have heard as the „laserharp“ (the sync sound) which is a preset of the synthex!
also sequencer on board.
2 VCO and very hi-end equipped machine. another synth by mario maggi one of those „not so known“ heros of the 80ies synthesizers! one of the coolest italian synthesizers ever!

hardware: 8 CEM3320 VCF

maybe the best (italian) analogue synth of its class..
elka synthex
Synthex VCO and ENVs click to see details..
elka synthex synthesizer
elka synthex synthesizer
the back side of the elka synthex
elka synthex synthesizer
ElkaElka Synth overview / überblick..
SIEL Opera6

also italian, quite „easy“ looking synth with 2 DCOs , 6 voices and 3 LFOs (!!) yes!! using SSM chips, basically a very good sounding machine – underestimated as most italian orignating synths….

also quite similar „Siel Kiwi“ and/or DK600 (the dk600 had midi split CV ins as DIN (midi) input,vel.receive)SIEL = SOCIETA INDUSTRIE ELETTRONICHE

click image to enlarge….>

the opera 6 has 2 LFOs, one slow one and one fast one (lfo1) you can mod PW of each DCOs
the ENVs are ok,but not ultrafast.
the curtis based synth sounds nice..

siel opera6
Siel Opera 6 Synthesizer
Siel Opera 6 Synthesizer
Siel Opera 6 Synthesizer
Siel Opera 6 Synthesizer
Siel Cruisea multi synth.. has several section on board,.. just click on it and see the details..siel cruise
SielSiel Synth overview / überblick..
EKO Synththey did a very large drum machine, too.. also from italy..EKO Synth
EKO Ritmo
Drum Machine
EKO ritmo drum box
EkoEko Synth overview / überblick..
JEN SX1000small little thing, but it sounds better than it looks ;)kawai 100f
JenJen Synth overview / überblick..
analogue synthesizer Each voice in the
Solton SM100 (6 voices)
uses 2xSSM2056 (ADSR) and 1xSMM2045 (VCA+VCF)
AUDIO: solton_sm100_preset 28.mp3
solton sm100 analogue synthesizer
solton sm100

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