Hybrid/Digital Synthex 2 Synthesizer by Mario Maggi (Crumar…)

THEEE synth guy in Italy, Mr. Mario Maggi, is working on a digital Synth with the name of Synthex 2 (I am not sure if it’s the final name, but there are some quotes on these Forum Posts: Synthex 2 von Mario Maggi that explain a lot by Enrice Cosimi, who I met at the Synthex / Elka – Re-Issue Event in Frankfurt (Hi Enrico!) – who says they simply did not intent to have the same idea of bringing the „Synthex Name“ back in 2 completely different ways, so – here’s 2 new Synths – I really hope these 2 will coexist which would be totally cool in a lot of ways, not having to deal with registered trademarks (issues)..

unclear if and which parts are analog or hybrid, so assume this is a digital synth. (so far).

and not to forget, this is the Synthex 2 „VA“ / digital Synth that is being made by Maggi/Cosimi – I could imagine this being an innovation..
synthex 2



  • 16-voice polyphony // 8-voice upgradable version may also be produced


  • with 61 notes keyboard
    Physical dimension more compact than in the previous version.
    Less weight. No fan (means compared to the Synthex!)
  • keyboardless tabletop version (same control panel)
    1 Rack Unit expander without controls, w. PC dedicated editing software
    -> box desktop expander without controls, w. PC dedicated editing software (hmm I assume PC means Mac as well)


  • High-quality 61 note keybed FATAR TP-8,
    weighted, with key velocity, channel aftertouch


  • Professional joystick, precision mechanism w. robust 5mm metal shaft.

LCD Display

  • 800 x 480 pixel,  4.3” color display for the editing of additional parameters not available on the front panel; patch program/editing & sequences program/editing.

Instrument’s Architecture

  • whole, double, split mode (duotimbral)
  • Unison Mode with variable voice quantity


  • 2 oscillators per voice, a lot of available waveforms
  • extended cross modulation


  • Multi mode filter, with Cutoff, Resonance and a new control for filter behavior, multiple modes (more than the orig. Synthex)


  • 2  Waveshapers  // Post/Pre-Filter Waveshaper, div.  shaping curves.


  • „bigger“ chorus circuit from Synthex MkI -> mod rate / amount on each separate delay line.

Envelope Generators

  • 8 separate EGs per voice, 8 segment multistage type
  • rates/time ctrl by Vel / AT (each)
  • EGs can be used for LFO out shaping.

Wide range LFOs

  • 8 LFOs per voice, Each LFO output can be shaped with EGs


  • Very close to the original version but  with polyphony
  • easier programming/editing
  • 4 polyphonic tracks
  • Step by step or real time recording mode
  • Sync in/out, MIDI Sync


  • Independent Arpeggiators for Lower and Upper parts
  • Arpeggiators works together with internal Sequencer.


  • 18V DC IN  for external PSU
  • USB-B connection for a PC editor
  • RJ45 for external expansion box (CV/Trigger/Gate)
  • MIDI In, Out.
  • Sync In / Out  (5V)
  • 2X CV In –  freely routable.
  • Expression Pedal 2x
  • Audio Out : 4x (stereo for each split)
  • Neue URL dafür ist / UPDATE preorder here:

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