Controller Synth 

Haken Audio – Eagan Matrix + Continuum Fingerboard making the controller even more expressive

Es gibt einen Test zum Continuum Fingerboard im aktuellen SynMag #41 dazu gibt es jetzt ein neues Zusatzpaket… there’s a new hardware and software addition to make the Continuum Fingerboard more expressive and dynamic – the EaganMatrix – named after Ed(mund) Egan, who had several very musical demos up at Haken (sometimes using Kyma). but this one is sort of everything – sound generator – expansion and more .. here’s the musical explanation – listen!: the details and screenshots : Haken Audio | Nov2013. and the hardware box: even more important –…

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Madrona Labs „Continuum-style“ XY-Ribbon kind of Controller

Madrona Labs. has something that looks like a piece of wood, but check this.. Our first hardware product is the Madrona Soundplane A, a force-sensitive surface forintimate control of electronic music. What is intimate control? Instruments like the violin and hand drums give the player a very responsive connection to sound through their physical construction. In a state of creative flow, we stop thinking about these instruments as separate devices and speak directly through them. In a very real sense they become part of us. On a typical MIDI keyboard,…

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