Madrona Labs „Continuum-style“ XY-Ribbon kind of Controller

Madrona Labs. has something that looks like a piece of wood, but check this..

Our first hardware product is the Madrona Soundplane A, a force-sensitive surface forintimate control of electronic music. What is intimate control? Instruments like the violin and hand drums give the player a very responsive connection to sound through their physical construction. In a state of creative flow, we stop thinking about these instruments as separate devices and speak directly through them. In a very real sense they become part of us.

On a typical MIDI keyboard, most of the information from each finger gesture is thrown away, and the rest is boiled down into a single 7-bit velocity value. The Soundplane A transmits x, y and pressure data at about 1000 samples per second, letting the synthesist move beyond the ADSR model for control and articulate each note individually, as on an acoustic instrument. An array of very responsive capacitive sensors detects a range of forces from anextremely light touch to a hard slap. A DSP calibrates the sensors dynamically and sends the data via USB.

Madrona Soundplane A


Madrona Soundplane: The New Continuum?

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