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Newsflash 4/’21: Juno: Softube Model 84 Synth, Arturia Pigments 3, iConnectivity Audio 4c (MIDI /2x USB-C), Modal Skulpt SE Synth

Softube Juno: Model 84, Arturia Pigments 3 mit additiver Synthese, iConnectivity Audio/MIDI mit 2x USB-C (Endlich!) Audio/MIDI Interface endlich iPad und Mac/PC im Liveset mit allem was nötig ist, Modal Skulpt SE Synth – der kleine Minisynth ist wieder da und verbessert.

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iConnectMIDI4+ iPads Macs and PCs in Love – Audio from iPads to Mac + PCs

 iConnectMIDI4+ seems finally be ready for shipping. the special thing with this MIDI Interface and Audio Interfaces is to put iPad Audio back into the computer – even in the DAW, also 4 MIDI ports are there to make iOS and OS X (AAAAND Windows!!) work together – that audio features is already available in a smaller device, the iConnect MIDI2 with 2 ports. for us$250 it also has a MIDI over Network functionality. most of it all works via USB – the first time they are all brought together. Forum: iConnect…

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