Livid Minim: Mini Wifi Controller

Livid has posed a crowdfunding which has already hit the goals – it’s a cell phone sized controller with pressure sensitive buttons and touch-LED-slider. it’s connected to iPads or Computers via WiFi – no cable needed. Livid hat ein kleines Wifi Kickstarter-Projekt gestartet, das Ziel ist bereits erreicht, ein kleiner Handy-großer Controller mit druckempfindlichen Pads und einem LED-Touch-Slider. Keine Kabel – die Verbindung funktionier via WLAN.

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Livid Instruments Block looks like Monome

Livid Instruments creates new Monome-style Controller. a bit like Ohm but without Faders, except 2 and q row of knobs (thanks for keeping some). Made for Live & Max since it is again no standard for Sequencers – but could become one, till then we need to be aware what software and drivers are added to the hardware and how the hardware is implemented. most try Max/MSP which is not a really „simple“ way but the obvious one.. this one is at 399 US$ – Thats 268€ but expect taxes…

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