MemoryMoog and the importance of power supply units + demo

the Memorymoog looks totally awesome – but if you had a look inside it is just as true as this guy says – it is some bunch of components thrown in and the PSU is a joke with a fan inside which is noisy and dangerous to the parts since it is still hot and attracts dust to come inside. there is a new PSU that only needs a fracture of the original and therefor does not get hot – and at the end there’s some audio stuff to just listen to…

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Moog Duophonic Synth Sub 37 – der bessere SubPhatty!

this has been posted by Moog which is marked as SUB 37 Paraphonic – even though it is DUOphonic. That means you have 1 Filter and control of each VCO by 2 played keys – so this is controlling overtone control or pseudo 2 voice action black proto type – that one in the video has a display – the final one seems not.. but so many controls that makes the Sub better.. Added to SynthDB: Moog Sub 37, UPDATE: This appears to be a duophonic concept. so this is not paraphonic –…

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