One Synth – 4 Voices – Polyphonic Synth – Challenge

this is a one synth only – challenge – this time polyphonic synths – the last one was done on one monophonic synth with 10 allowed tracks recording (one go) – here’s all the links (listen to 19 monophonic tracks here (One Synth – One Voice) – Synth will be posted after the voting – polyphonic challenge with 8 tracks with 4 voices max. each: starts TODAY.. find some tracks of mine below – there’s even one track done with one voice and just one go yours moogulator Die Idee:…

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Monophon.niE – the monophonic revolution – Musik gesucht: Monophonie ohne Monotonie – Herausforderung

a little monophonic challenge to all musicians Who dares to create a track that is monophonic and not boring at all – can be done on any synth, modular synth or whatever, but please don’t use multiple VCOs to play polyphonic melodies – keep it interesting and you are in … no, there’s nothing to win at all, but there’s big repect if you do and even one or 2 tracks will arrive.     Dies ist eine Herausforderung an alle: Wer kriegt mit einem monophonen Instrument, Technik ist dabei…

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