mutable elements OSC Synth 

Mutable Instruments – Elements – Modal Synthesis EuroModule

Modal Synthesis on one large Module – after Braids was already quite interesting – here’s something that is a lot more complex and new to the modular world and rare in general – maybe this thing would make a nice simple synths as well? Just the name is already taken. So possibly this may change name – but keep it in mind as a module – getting interesting results by modal synthesis (which is very close to physical modeling)  Mutable Instrument – Elements Mr Divine always has access to new…

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Ambika new synth by Mutable Instruments

the maker of Shruti is on the go to a new synth called Ambika it comes in a translucent design and – well – it is packed with chips as always it is not just something you buy, there is a DIY kit available. the features: Up to 6 voices, each with an individual output — in addition to a global mix output. MIDI channels/patches/voices are distinct entities, allowing many different flexible configurations, from 6 independent monophonic parts each on a different MIDI channel, to 1 polysynth, with everything in-between (unison, keyboard split,…

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