Rhizome LE Sequencer / Groovebox price drop

Rhizome the little sister of the Rhizome Sequencer workstation now starting from 999€, the big one (SXE) is at 2699€, – they are both the same „controller hardware“ but different power since – you knew this – it’s based on a PC. Of course you can not send in your or any PC since there’s a lot of mods – it’s just the heart of 2 things: software from Rhizome, Hardware mods and extensions – and.. this is not a standard OS PC – so this is not for…

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Europa hardware MIDI sequencer demo with Blofeld and DR670

Analogue Solutions did a nice step sequencer, not yet clear how to get long chained patterns but there is one specialty you should know: It’s made to trigger other analogue sequencers, so it can be sort of sequential switch. But I really hope it is not just a 16step 16th note sequencer. today we need a lot of patterns for just to program our 64th DnB beats and melodies, in’nt? Eurpoa was designed to be utilised with our SQ8 and Oberkorn analogue sequencers (and anything else with a compatible clock…

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Forum: – Health Club Music 32-step sequencer

Health Club Music 32-stEp sequencer. Not that cheap, but nice concept, reminds a bit of the InSEQt Sequencer, which is a bit more modular/complex. They ask $1600, quite a bunch of bucks! But.. Nicht ganz billig aber doppelt und aufwendig ist der neue 32Stepper (ja!) von Health Club, er verwendet 2 „Spuren“, die auch als eine lange Spur genutzt werden kann. Darüber stehen dann nur noch Teile wie der Anyware InSEQt, aber den kann man ja auch nicht mehr kaufen – Ohne Zoll und Fracht kostet er etwa das gleiche…

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