Rhizome LE Sequencer / Groovebox price drop

Rhizome the little sister of the Rhizome Sequencer workstation now starting from 999€, the big one (SXE) is at 2699€, – they are both the same „controller hardware“ but different power since – you knew this – it’s based on a PC. Of course you can not send in your or any PC since there’s a lot of mods – it’s just the heart of 2 things: software from Rhizome, Hardware mods and extensions – and.. this is not a standard OS PC – so this is not for…

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Nintendo DS1 simulates Korg M1, almost – the M01

Korg did a nice little DS Software that more or less emulates the M1 – 300 original M1 PCM Sounds – 8x multi timbral – 8 track 16 step sequencer 1 sequence max 64 pattern, max polyphonic sound 12 – master reverb, delay effect – track overview, sound browser, sequence edit, mixer, keyboard. Simple and functional display – notes/chords,/drum input mode by touch control – data exchange by wireless transmit – drag & drop transpose – sustained notes Info on the Original: M1, M1R, M3R Digital Synthesizer Emulation of the M1 on „normal computers“ from Korg –…

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