Rhizome LE Sequencer / Groovebox price drop

Rhizome the little sister of the Rhizome Sequencer workstation now starting from 999€, the big one (SXE) is at 2699€, – they are both the same „controller hardware“ but different power since – you knew this – it’s based on a PC. Of course you can not send in your or any PC since there’s a lot of mods – it’s just the heart of 2 things: software from Rhizome, Hardware mods and extensions – and.. this is not a standard OS PC – so this is not for surfing the web ;)

specialties are – this machine has real time and step input modes – the pads are illuminated according to the velocity played, it has samplers, synths and a nice song mode but it is in fact more a groovebox than a computer. it has more direct access …

they are black – and – to me – they look better ;)

Test im Magazin 25 – Das kleine Rhizome LE (gleiche Hardware, aber natürlich mehr Power hat der SXE) ist jetzt für 999€ zu haben, das große für 2699€, damit steigt es besonders in der kleinen Version in eine Region, in der es mit den anderen deutlich besser konkurrieren kann.


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One Thought to “Rhizome LE Sequencer / Groovebox price drop”

  1. Saftpackerl

    Vielleicht sollte man doch dazusagen, dass die LE Version keinen eigenen Rechner eingebaut hat, sondern nur die „Controllerhardware“ für einen externen eigenen Rechner plus Software ist!

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