Vince Clarke Tuning Modules via Analogue Solutions for analog synths (eurorack)

Clarke is a new euro-rack based synth by Analogue Solutions. and as you might know – these are branded by Vince! This is a tuning system for analog synths in 16 bit resolution which should be enough for a good V/Oct. calibration.  teaser for upcoming videos: Master Module for MIDI – slaves can be more than one to control one EXACT Hz/V or V/Oct. with V or S Trigger each! watch the video above to get the idea how it works – it’s about like Volta or Expert Sleepers.. you…

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H-Pi Instruments | SCORDATURA Software Synthesizer

H-Pi Instruments | SCORDATURA Software Synthesizer. Scaling freely like this: Can be done with „Scordatura“ Beta for Mac. Alternative TPXE 1.2.1 – Tonal Plexus Editor CSE 2.2.1 – Custom Scale Editor There are videos as well how to use it. really free scaling, not just re-tuning octave based as on lots of synths.. Looks a bit like C-Thru Controller.. Or something different: inspired by some posts on matrix blog.

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