Tenori-On App goes Sampling

Yamaha’s Tenori On App „TNR-i“ has just got a nice update (which is free for users – as always):

you can now record (!) and share audio and assign user audio – the samples for tenori-on must be unter 5 seconds long (maybe because there is not real envelope – it’s a quite simple drum player kind of sample handling) – anyway – now it can also be sync’ed by WIST – that’s a WLAN/Wifi synch tool that some of us know from Korgs instruments. nice, that Yamaha and Korg team up and don’t try to compete here-

so it’s a cool thing to have – so – this is the time where the app is better than the original – except only one thing – the glass-surface of course does not makes you feel the buttons like on the original Tenori-On – still –

cool to see Yamaha really update their apps not just once..!

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