Textsound – PD Surface / Controller for iPad — and: Multyer, a synth

textsound is a helper for iPads to deal and interface with PD, Max’s little brother – well, you won’t need it if you do not use PD, so it’s the best just to tell you there is a nice 3€ App thats lets you easily control all your PD „patches“. It has a very staight „system os x style“ controller set which isn’t a bad thing, – just wondering why it took so long to have a tool like this

and there is a free lite version of it.
iPad Screenshot 3

aaaand, the same guy has a synth app out called Multyer which allows quite a lot of manupulation on and in the synthesis engine – quite simple interface where you can hold 4 synths in one..

-Four synth core.
-Three oscillators for synth.
-Sixteen partials wave generators for each oscillator( sine, triangle, cosine).
-Noise generator
-Adsr envelope for each oscillator and noiser.
-Multi note pad page, and individual note pad for each synth. –
–> 79cent.
iPad Screenshot 4

both apps are -agreed- nerdy and special, but thats why I fell like you should know about them.

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