The Klinik @ Xenon live video 1985

Here’s Marc, Dirk and Eric playing Kawai 100F, Korg MS20 and some SH Roland synth..

find all synths on the synthDB here, for those who don’t know them: belgium based electronics, they all did other projects later and before like absolute body control, (dirk ivens), X10, Para, Sonar, Dive etc.

see the ms20 bleeping here.. same concert, still – this one was a nice „hit“ over here in a dark wave club called „zwischenfall“.

  • hours & hours war lange ein kleiner Hit im Zwischenfal, Bochum

the album is „sabotage“ rec’ed in 1985 – rare video, maybe no1 knows.. so hard is here:

and this sequencer by EEF

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