touch controller keyboard – every key is a 2D touch controller in/with endeavor

I asked this kind of keyboard a lot, here it is – I do not think the mod wheel and the bender and all those knobs are now obsolete and of course the keys should be mapped freely – anyway – thanks for making this, this guy is obviously german, so maybe some1 over here might get into it. it’s not cheap atm, 2.8€.

but a nice extension to the conventional poly pressure keyboard (which is rare since the patent is hold by ensoniq (now the pc-only soundcard company who also bought emu – and – looks like they lost interest in making synths or things that work on a mac. so this guy may have a good chance if companies buy it. it’s called endeavour. anyway – well done. via:  wire2theear

-> I’d not leave out the wheels of course or knobs, I’d even add some buchla-thunder-style slide controllers/sensors. well – there’s still 2 worlds: being well tempered vs. being completely free like Buchla vs. Moog back those days..