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2 Thoughts to “White Star (Movie, 1983) KORG PE-2000 ELKA Rhapsody PPG Modular Oberheim OB-X‬‏”

  1. Soft EM at an SO36-like setting, nice :-). Very much like Einstürzende Neubauten and Gandalf playing the same slot.

    There´s also a Dimension D in front of him and a Mini Moog to the left of the OBX; there´s also some vaguely SH5-ish in the second snippet (in the background); 3M tape recorder and API desk; Korg PS-3300 opposite the PPG (to the right of the Elka/Korg stack and the Farfisa); Baldwin Electric Combo Harpsichord to the left of the PPG Modular (with that 1003 in the top tier I would bet it´s the one later owned by Synco).

  2. Wie heisst das Plugin an der Seite ? Das will ich auch!

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