02.04 Berlin, Ground Experiments #14 @ Studio 8, Do.

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  1. MvKeinen

    MvKeinen ...

    Donnerstag 2. April 21:30

    Studio 8, Grüntaler str. 8, Wedding

    April calling for another round on the ground. As #13 has been little unlucky we'll tryto keep the cops out this time, again with a superb selection of artists who never shared the stage together for an evening of live improvised real time music:

    David Perlzweig (Meisster von Keinen / Zuckerjohnny / In Existase)
    Dave's domain has many subs from experimental electronic music, film scores and performance arts. An enfant terrible of electronic music to put the break into break beat, telling IDM to stay dumb or pump up the jam with Jazz; he opened Studio 8's bar piano last time to return on the ground and fool April with some electronics.

    Sebastian Omatsch (anaffair / ROST)
    Sebastian's chosen home is found within the fine arts - by creating sound installations he opens up unusual rooms for his audience. Cassette tape recorders as integral parts of his works (which are equally adored by nostalgics and futurists) are also significant in his musical performances. Tape loops get layered with hacked and self - made electronics, weaving widely different sonic sources into uncommon pads and rhythmic structures. <https://omatsch.wordpress.com/>

    Ron Schneider (19-Zoll Stammtisch / Transistors Of Mercy)
    He is the host and curator of Ground Experiments. Being a live musician for 28 years now he got kind of bored by usual music rehearsals and meanwhile prefers improvising "real time music" mainly using self made or modified gear. <https://facebook.com/TransistorsOfMercy>