30 minuren drone project/mix

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  1. schön !
  2. Danke für das compliment :D
  3. emdezet

    emdezet ..

    Having a hard time here understanding your sound.
    Up to minute 5 I was going to congratulate you on your patience and endurance of strict monotony that features only minimalistic modulation.
    Also I was trying to recognize your storyboard of planet exploration in it.

    When up to minute 14 there had still only been minor changes and a shift to higher and sharper frequencies I started skipping in the track only to find, that the whole of the 30 minutes was solid droning. Did I miss the described crash of the spaceship? Somehow I had expected dramatic change in tempo, modulation and expression.

    After all I figured you had just slapped 5 drone studies together and given it a fancy backdrop. Don't get me wrong, I loved the sounds, but 30 minutes of it???
  4. Hey thanks

    Feedback is always welcome.
    Yeah maybe it's a bit to long and minimal but i am quite happy with it.
    And sorry about the disapointment :)

    The spaceship