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  1. Bapt

    Bapt .


    I'm Baptiste from France, just wanted to say hello to the community because I registered a few days ago.

    Unfortunately I don't speak Deutsch/German, I've learned this language for 4 years, been in Germany a couple of times, my mom grew up in Baden Baden... but today I can't speak at all. Sorry.

    I make Music for TV (French channels but I worked for ZDF too) and also Music for me...LOL
    Working for TV = $$$
    Working for me = zero.

    I work with a computer (Macintosh) since 1993 (not the same model though) and now I'm in the process of adding an analog synth in my setup, I think I'll buy an ANDROMEDA A6 but I'm also very interested by a Micromoog (Can somebody here help me find one?), I love MOOG, KORG, ARP, STUDIO ELECTRONICS, OBERHEIM...

    Here is my page :

    Sorry for not speaking German.
    And thanks to you all for keeping this forum alive!!!




    PS/ I'm collecting vinyls

  2. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    Hey, Welcome here..

    Hmm, Micromoog is not so easy, but easier than a Multimoog (which I'd prefer), but they are both quite expensive these days and quite rare, too.

    I got the "wanted" section for those things, so if you want to, just post there..
    No problem with english ;-)

    Hmm, I am sure you'll need to be patient and have an eye on the forums and auctions, but I assume if some1 sells them it will not hit ebay etc. but they ask friends beforehand, so maybe some1 here want's to sell his/her Micromoog, I can Move this one to WANTED which is the right place to let them know..

    or better: just post yourself like Micromoog wanted.

    Don't expect it to be that cheap, maybe it is easier to get yourself a Little Phatty or Voyager..
  3. Bapt

    Bapt .

    Thank you Moogulator,

    (Eyh I see you're posting on the vintage synth explorer forum too)

    Damn, a Micromoog went on ebay for like $900 a couple of days ago, it looked in a very good shape but I did not want to bid/win/pay more than $900 + shipping (Canada to France)... this is crazy.

    Plus 4 months ago I missed another auction (not on ebay) for a Micromoog sold 600, like new, revised by J.L. Dierstein (for those who know him).

    I know I'll have to wait but I also know it is worth waiting.
    I love the Multimoog too, it's a bit more expensive though.

    Is the LittlePhatty that good really? I think it is way overpriced!!
    And I don't want to pay for a "fashion" machine.

    The Voyager is definitely a good option but for the moment I'll buy an Andromeda!!!

    Thanks for the tip!

    Once again : this forum is amazing!!!!

  4. :kaffee:

    hi Bapt,

    looking for a micromoog is like looking for a wife with a blue nose punctuated with sticky nodules on which she catches flies for nourishment.

    a few months back i was looking for one, and eventually got a reply from someone who had replied to my ad. the person asked what i was willing to pay. unwittingly, i had made an offer below that person's expectations and was greeted then with a tone the likes of which i have never experienced outside of a diplomatic reception.

    it was only with advanced nudniking that i could make clear that i was willing to negotiate a good price favourable with that person and still within reason for me. but it was like negotiating with humpty-dumpty.

    apparently i was dealing with a royal.

    after the person said to me "i will hold on to it until i get a better offer' i got immensely fed up with the craziness of the whole gas attack rubbish and decided to give up and get something else instead.

    to be honest, i still like the micro, but should one pass by my window now, i'd let it fly away again, for fear of having to negotiate with prince hubshnub, duke of bumbleberry and knucklewood, a truly idiotic price for a synth from the jurassic age, how ever cool it may be.

    in the event, i went with a prodigy. no frills, hardly any modulation, i know, but it does the job and sounds beautiful. these are easy to get and i even found one with midi.

    i don't know much about the phatty, but i agree with you that it's a bit of a fairy-light affair for which i don't want to spend money. the sound must be pretty good though. but comparing it to an old synth, i'd go for the old, warts, disintegrating switches, odd quirks and all.

    good luck with the search, and if you meet the duke, be prepared for some tough duelling.

  5. Bapt

    Bapt .

    Aahh! Thanks Moognase,

    Personally I don't deal with Donald Duck.




    My limit will be $800, in a very good shape if higher I'd prefer buying a Prodigy, a Rogue or even a Realistic MG-1, a Korg Mono/Poly or better a Vermona Perfourmer or a Nordlead, a Radias or 2 Roland SH201, new... :lol:

    There are so many reasons not to fight Donald.


  6. i think they should re-issue it already. i read in sos that a new mellotron is being built. why not a micromoog? oh well, oh well, bad eggs don't smell.

  7. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    They won't!

    But Imo a little Phatty is playing in the same league, especially the Micromoog, but it sounds a bit different, but the Moogs still got more "bottom end" compared to the Andro, which I like very much and use a lot but it's MORE different.

    The Micro and Multi Series were both more modern those days but thinned out the sound a bit.

    VSE: Very rarely, yes.

    If you really want to go for that sound you'd better stay with Moog (still). Consider the Rogue, mg1 or somesuch, the Prodigy is a bit bigger in sound, but has no ENV control of Sync (VCO2), only manually..

    the digital ones sounds very different, doesn't mean they sound bad, but different!!

    Moognase: You should really go on a stage with that stuff!
    sooner or later you'll get paid for it!..