10 years ago, I was looking for a monophonic bass synth, analog, with real time controls (knobs)... and the SYB-3 came out...

analog modeling, OK, I know...

but what a sound !!! and with its own personnality.

The SYB-5 (born in 2004) is different, got a sharp LFO and it's a wonderfull drone/industrial machine.

so easy to use : plug a sound source with a jack into the beast, and play ! Programming a SYB is very simple : select the waveform or the filter, then adjust frequency, decay (or LFO rate) and resonance. That's all !

SYB-3 :

* 3 analog modeling wave forms : saw, square, PWM, and 4 variations : saw + noise, saw - 1 octave, PWM + noise, saw + noise - 1 octave. (the "noise" is just an added effect)
* 4 filters for external sound : wave-shape normal/reverse and autowah normal/reverse
* frequency, resonnance and decay knobs
* goodie : try to trigg the "noise" alone, it's possible because the noise effect is more sensitive than the SAW waveform sound : you'll have a Roland SH-like noise generator.

SYB-5 :

* 5 analog modeling wave forms : saw, square, pulse 1, pulse 2, PWM, and 4 variations : saw - 1 octav., square - 1 octav., saw + LFO, square + LFO
* 2 filters for external sound : wave-shape normal/reverse
* frequency, resonnance and decay knobs
* the “decay” knob is also the “LFO rate” effect knob
* an external pedal input jack has been added to the SYB-5 for connecting the Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal ($old $eparately), which allows you to control filter cutoff and LFO rate in real time.

With both SYB you can use the onboard pedal to hold a note while playing phrase over it. About the tracking : the SYB-5 is far better than the SYB-3.

The SYB-3 SAW wave can be deep and liquid, soft, thick or aggressive. The PWM is really a good one, could be the coldest wave never heard or the noisy thing you can face... and the VCF is powerfull, and will increase the output level, so carefull ! The SQUARE is a bit light and soft... and not very usefull.

The autowahs sound clear and the wave shape will evolute with the external sound level from light distortion to amazing noises.

Of course the deep bass sounds are excellents, but the SYB-3 is good for noises, laser beam, powerfull leads, percussive shots, weird <a href="">Sequencer</a>uencing... it's not an effect, it's not a toy, it's a real monophonic synthesizer, with its own personnality.

SYB-3’s saw is deeper than SYB-5’s saw, but SYB-5’s square is fatter though SYB-5 sounds are not as rich as SYB-3. The duophonic mode is a good idea. The LFO is excellent, very usefull, and the SYB-3 really miss that stuff.

The “pulse 2” is a “vocoder like” sound effect, cool ! And the “expression” input is very usefull.

SYB-5’s wave shape is sharper than SYB-3’s.

SYB-3 is an oldschool analog-like machine, SYB-5 is a thick industrial synth.

I must say that I DO love SYB-3... it's MY synth...

Only 4 knobs each, but... thousands of sounds ! So let's try it !


homemade demos...


SAW sound :


low SAW waveform sub-bass sound :


you wanna know how powerfull the "resonnance" is ? check the PWM sound :


the "noise effect" alone :



a SAW waveform autotrigged by its own feedback with the LFO rate effect :


the PULSE 2 waveform in a "talking" mode :


the duophonic SQUARE :



SYB-3 : saw - 1 octav. / SYB-5 : saw + LFO :


A FULL TRACK WITH DR-110 DRUM MACHINE, SYB-3 (square) AND SYB-5 (square + LFO effect) : recorded live, july 2005...

if you want more informations, I'm here to answer (in english, I'm french, I can't speak German...)!
I work on the SYB-5 at the moment and I found this:

What you hear is the sound of one SYB-5, and nothing else...
Interesting live setup. :respekt: How do you trigger the SYBs? Do you use the main out of the DR-110?
motone schrieb:
Do you use the main out of the DR-110?

That's it !

The Compact Pedal Synthesizers (not only Boss SYB-3 and SYB-5 but also : Akai SB-1, Ibanez SB-7, Digitech Synth-Wah and Bass Synth-Wah) are, IMHO the new way for electronic music. Before they came out, we had real synth to plug an external sound source in it (like ARP Avatar or MIDI guitar systems), or filters in compact pedal (Electro Harmonix for example)...

A synthesizer packed into a compact pedal is a synth in your pocket running along with a drum machine or a sampler, no MIDI, no Sequencer, just a jack and your feeling.
I wondered why there's such a difference between the SYB-3 and the SYB-5 prices : SYB-5 is sometimes 100 euros lower !

I phoned to ROLAND FRANCE (of course I'm french)...

I have a reply : the chip in the SYB-5 is less expensive because it's a chip used in others products, and the chip in the SYB-3 was made only for the SYB-3.

that's it : they made lots of chips -> lower cost -> SYB-5 cheaper.

and they also said that the SYB-3 is out... there are still some SYB-3 to sell, but it's the end of the production now...
what prices do you have in mind? i bought my syb-3 for 75 euro at ebay about half a year ago, the last used syb-5 i saw recently was 95euro
yes, that's Ebay prices.

but brand new (internet or real music shop) :

SYB-5 : more or less 130/150 euros

SYB-3 : more or less 230/270 euros
crap, and i sold my syb3 for 90 euros.

anyway, i am looking for the syb5 (to use on bass, as intented) - guess i like the lfo and exp-pedal thingy.

I used to run the SYB-3 together with a Behringer BSY-600, triggered by the same beat. Normally the BSY generates a kinda drone-like bass and the SYB plays a melody - well, sort of. I manipulate the BSY drone with a pedal or light-beam source.

The SYB-3 really rocks with a Radel analog Tabla machine.
I can't wait to try it with an analog drum synth (Vermona DRM1MkIII). I hope to be able to get the sequences a bit more tonal. It's like taming an animal, really!

And I MUST get an SYB-5 of course...