Christopher Franke Modular rack 1980 to 1984

Hello there again dear Synth enthusiasts.
If you got any info about people involving in building any of this unknown custom equipment, please send data.
Thank you very - much.
Please note I'm not reading / understanding German,
Dear Bernie, thank you for the answer.
I know somehow where various devices of this modular rack have ended :
I know there is a member of this forum owning various parts of this, along with various units getting these directly from CF.
The EPU drum machine is in the possession of a Swedish musician :
As for the EMU monosynth, I've seen some photos from Thomas Henze old synth shop - there was either this actual module or a similar unit, but he doesn't remember where it ended.
Plus I've seen a photo of Bernd Kistemacher from a 1988 concert, where among other equipment he had the central section of this rack (the one which is mostly Projekt Elektronik sequencial controllers etc.) but sometime later this unit was returned to CF who took it in America, along with the big Projekt Elektronik modular, the one Peter Baumann played back in the 70's.

I'm just posting here, looking for info of the people that build the custom equipment for TD/CF - I know, it's many years after where most of those people were active, but you never know who you'd may meet in a German Synth Internet Forum .... :D


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There are some older discussions here about TD equipment. Just a few ago I accidentally found a discussion about custom made sequencers. I think the discussion was from 2009! Maybe @ppg360 can remember the main subject, he knows a lot about the old TD stuff. 😊
In the discussion even the original developer was included as far as I remember.


The Projekt Elektronik modules I got from HZ and are probably also from CF.
But I'm not sure, I'd have to ask Hans.
Yes I know the thread - thanks.
I have contacted Ed Buller too, plus I have spoken to the great late Kevin Lightner : the color photos of Peter Baumann PE modular system of that thread, were taken by Kevin Lightner, since CF called him to take some modules from it to restore 'em, and put em to a smaller rack, back in circa 2006.

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