Einkauf in gruppe fur 9090 - TR 909 clone

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    Hey everybody,

    I have had time to update the design of the MB909 sequencer boards for professional manufacturing. I have ordered 20 board sets.

    Once the testgroup is happy, I'll then organize a big bulkorder for the MB909 sequencer.

    The betaversion for the testgroup is sold as a kit (PCB, components). the kit is sold for 95 Euro+ shipment.

    The list for signing up for the beta version is on: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av9ZyDwCt04MdFB6cTZKaV9uMDF1cWY0X1pBOWxqNXc

    A few pics, video and info on the sequencer on: Roland TR909 Sequencer clone-MB909

    If there are enough people (at least 20) interested I would prefer people that :
    already have a 9090 and/or TR909
    will be able to upload an update of the firmware to the mainboard (this is easy with Tk's MIOS terminal)
    would like to test the software and hardware and give me tips to improve the design (again soft and hard)

    So if you put your (nick)name on the list, I'dd like to ask you to send me an email if you have a 9090 or TR909, etc.

    MB909 home page | TR 909 DIY porject with the 9090 boards and my MB909 sequencer
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    Ein Gehäuse ist da aber nicht dazu oder hab ich was übersehen?


    336€ in der buygroup?
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    Das ist ohne gehause.

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    Hey all,

    I have made some changes:

    New price for the 9090 kit including PCB's and potmeters= 325 Euro.
    New 3mm Aluminum frontpanels also available.

    you can check it out on http://www.synthage.com/groupbuy/groupbuy.php

  9. How about a rearpanel ?
    Its not possible to drill all output holes by Hand.
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    the rearpanel is comming soon!!


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    hey guys,

    I still have a few 9090 kits available, when you order the components: I'll send you a free rack backpanel. just enter "sequencerde" in the comment section of the order form on http://www.synthage.com/groupbuy/groupbuy.php


  12. maybe to late in case of the narva project.
    Just release a sequencer and desktopcase.