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    Hi there,

    from now on you can preorder your personal copy of our upcoming compilation release "electropop.5". Anyone who pre-orders until September 30th 2010 will get his/her name signed into the cd booklet.
    And if you are one of the first 250 pre-ordering guys you will get a handnumbered copy of this strictly limited cd release.

    All information about electropop.5 - tracklisting and cover - can be found in our labelshop - we are happy to receive your order - many thanks for your support!!!
    Without you this wouldn't be possible!

    And this is the direct Download-Link to our shop:
    http://www.conzoomrecords.de/index.php? ... =2&lang=en

    Thanks for your support - and enjoy the new electropop tracks.

    It's time for a little anniversary! Here comes "electropop.5" and this release continues the successful compilation series with 13 brandnew tracks and artists.
    This time you can enjoy the following artists and extended versions:

    01. Christopher Anton "A Shattered Mind (Extended Version)"
    02. Coloured Tears "Loneliness (Extended)"
    03. Daybehavior "No More Minutes (Extended Version)"
    04. Electroflex "Lost You Somewhere (Extended)"
    05. Haberdashery "Stars (Extended Remix)"
    06. Hlaf Light "Take My Hand (Extended Version)"
    07. Hyperbubble "Candy Apple Daydreams (Extended Remix)"
    08. Jonteknik "Hollow (Extended Remix)"
    09. Lustobjekt "Sweet Talk (Extended Version)"
    10. LyLee "Sternentanz (Extended Version)"
    11. MoneyPenny "Destroy (Extended Version)"
    12. Monostrip "Like A Drug (Parralox Extended Mix)"
    13. Neuropa "Plastique People (Extended Mix)"