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schwer zu lesen..

Alleine wenn man ein anderes Model in einen vorhanden Sound Patch läd …" ja, das hatte ich ja schon an anderer Stelle erwähnt. Bringt interessante Ergebnisse ;-)
Aber wer weiß … vielleicht liege ich auch verkehrt und der Neuron ist in 5 oder 10 Jahren ein sehr gesuchtes Instrument und man profitiert vom Verkauf. Vielleicht doch eine Geldanlage ... ;-)
Aber es freut mich, dass du Spaß dran hast. Sodann, lass uns mal an deinen akustischen Experimenten teilhaben mit einer Demo ...
Weil ich da drüber gestolpert bin:

derzeit wird ein Neuron bei reverb für 8500,- Euro angeboten.
Der hat zwar wirklich alles als Zubehör / Ersatzteil was man sich so vorstellen kann.
Aber 8500,- wird der Verkäufer wohl nicht bekommen, denke ich.

Außerdem bietet gerade ein Betrüger auf Kleinanzeigen meinen Neuron (also das Gerät, welches ich gekauft habe) für 3.000,- an ..
Ja, habe ich gesehen. Habe dem schon geschrieben, er reagiert aber nicht. Nachdem ich meinen verkauft und das dann bereut habe, musste wieder einer her. Jetzt fehlt mir aber das modelmaker Programm. Acronis 9 und Windows XP hätte ich schon mal.
Modelmaker habe ich auf der Facebook Seite gefunden. Sie läuft sogar auf Windows 7, jedenfalls Ließ sie sich installieren. Ein Belkin F5D5050 bestellt und schon bin ich wieder komplett.
The factory sounds are not that great either.
If you don't create other models with your Neuron, it's your own fault and only scratches the surface of this unique synthesizer.
I am actually glad to hear these comments because I read them after I removed all the factory models and presets from my Neuron VS (except FatPad 2). I want to really try hard to make good or better sounds in Neuron (VS). I am very active on the Facebook page lately. Do you participate there Bernie? Have a great day
Thank you for the feedback. I am still trying to get my steam built back up to do it.
Hey Juno I uploaded 61 sounds but they haven't posted yet. I had a good session, and got lucky a few times. I would like to get some feedback on them later
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And....I am going to try again....

I want to try a few things. I've got a setup where I can control the scapes & spheres quickly. No buttons no nothing just everything on faders and knobs. Maximizing the possibility of happy accidents.

Something else is I am approaching with hopefully an even more totally open mind. I was re-reading my notes and correspondence for 2021, and it seems having any sort of pre-conception is a bad plan. This is a happy accident machine (I think)... ONLY.

One of my favorite models before was a pink noise loop I made. So then, purity of sound going in ought to be an intentional variable. I'll intend to feed it high quality and highly variable content, and with varying types of noise.

One other thing... the SLOOP function in AUDIOTERM I. It willl make a loop of anything. I may try feeding ModelMaker SLOOP loops. I bet you could get use from audio you PaulStretched too. Got some work to do now...

If you want to see my setup:

I am using SPL Vitalizer MK-II on the output this time. It really seems to help a lot.
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Today's ideas: 1)Feed ModelMaker high quality pre-looped stuff from like the AKAI CD-ROMS of the 90's and such. 2) get busy with what the two Resynators can do with diametrically opposed source material. For example --> pure sound on R1 versus sound with noise and/or dissonance on R2 .

I'm trying to brainstorm. Looking for ideas. I am kind of on this full time at the moment.
I've run into a problem. I need a Windows utility to convert wav to aif with the loop begin and end points intact .

EDIT Awave Studio has the ability to start with a stereo WAV with a loop inside it, split to two files (L & R), and export to 2 AIFs. The loop information remains intact. MONO WAV procedure is the same, just no splitting.
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I don't even think the filter works.

EDIT: user error - Stereo mode doesn't have filter, all other modes do.
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FWIW I cobbled together a few models and sounds . Kind of got the cobwebs out. Sound quality is utterly dependent on what you put in, the same way as in sampling. You can't polish a turd in this system. Impossible. Put in pristine sound. This is the only law. Find a way to control the spheres and scapes. You can find something original but still physical sounding. In terms of final sound, probably in the same family as physical modelling, but coming at it from a completely oblique angle.
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