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    Enjoy the beauty of creativity with Nitrostirumpa... ;o) I just want to show you how you can create a complex IDM like experimental style of music. Its simply done in 180 seconds from nothing. You don´t even need headphones or speakers. You just need your eyes. You absolutly start with nothing. You have no samples and no pre-configurated patterns. What you do is record each drum hit within FL Studio and by doing this you get many different sounding drum hits if you hit fast enough and record about 30 seconds or so. So what you do after this step is use a audio editor that has a function to erase silence between recorded and captured audio signals. After you erased the silence between the hits, you got still 2 minutes before 3 minutes are over, so you have enough time to tweak the complex beat you just designed from nothing. After this step you can open a synthesizer and play a few notes if you like, but close your eyes while you try to find notes. After this step you composed a highly complex piece of musical art from nothing within 3 minutes. Enjoy the beauty of creativity... ;o)
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    sample a sound, slice it up, hit random
    play a preset over it
    feel arty

    this is exactly what gives idm such a bad name
    in the end you end up with structureless junk that sounds impressive for 30 sec
    and then you realize wait there is nothing happening here :floet:
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    Einfach glitch drüber, schon geht das wieder. :floet: