Linn Drum Classic Beats auf Youtube

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm writing in English because my German writing is really poor... I recreated a large set of classic Linn Drum beats using a Korg Electribe sampler, which was great fun and it taught me a lot about beatmaking. This drummachine was all over the 80s being the base for many pop hits and disco tracks surviving until this day, but there's not so much to find about it. I felt like giving it a little tribute:

    I made 3 parts: (pop) (slow/midtempo) (disco / high energy)

    Expect emulations of Prince, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Queen, Michael Jackson, George Michael, lots of disco / High Energy classics etc etc

    Time for the forthcoming LinnDrum II...

    Enjoy! Viel Spass!
  2. GMX

    GMX .

    Great work :!:
    How many samples in total were neccessary to do it?

    Can hardly wait for DMX sounds :cool:
  3. weinglas

    weinglas Tube-Noise-Maker

    Hi Harlem nights,

    Respect! This sounds like a travel in time back to the 80ies.
  4. The ES1 can contain 100 mono samples

    DMX is coming up, but doing TR-808 tracks first with an Electribe SX

  5. EC-HQ

    EC-HQ .

    What reverb did you use for the snare? for example on "Walking on Sunshine"
  6. Kaneda

    Kaneda .

    LOL, I saw your youtube vids some weeks ago and was quite impressed. Great work.
  7. There's only one reverb on the ES1. It's a bit lofi / ringy but for these drums it fits I think
  8. Many thanks!