Classic Roland TR-808 beats auf Youtube

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  1. Writing in English... Back again after the LinnDrum beats topic :D Now two films about the TR-808's early days:

    This was a nice exercise again, this time more in classic synthesis and layering drum sounds than in sampling. I like the Korg Electribe SX sampler even better than the small ES1 that I used for the Linndrum films - it has many great options to mangle samples beyond recognition. For example, I'm sure that Vince Clarke did not use the 808 for the droplet effects in Yazoo / Situation (plz correct me if I'm wrong), but on the ESX you can get close to this sound by tweaking an 808 kick

    I replaced the ESX tubes by JJ ECC803S, for better sound, much fuller / rounder than the original

    Hope you enjoy!
  2. GMX

    GMX .

    Harlem Nights strikes again ...
    with many of my personal favs.
    Two thumbs up 4 this. :supi: :supi:
  3. Many thanks GMX!
  4. Any more comments?
  5. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    Liked it, had a TR808 2 times, but now it's the time of something different not sounding like "drums" in a way, but ours ways cross sooner or later, again..
    sure 'bout that.

    heard of the "miami" clone by acidlab?
  6. Neo

    Neo ..

    Impressive programming, but the quality samples are a big part of the cake, i guess.
  7. A lot of these are layered sounds, esp the snares, some were very hard to get right without additional effects. The Linn drums were much about the right samples, the 808 much about synthesis instead

    Some friends say they can hear that the 808's character can't really be caught in samples; guess I should try it on the real thing once more

    @ moogulator: Not sure about the Miami clone, would like to hear it doing patterns, instead of the soundcheck with isolated sounds, I feel that this is where the 808 makes the difference somehow
  8. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    you are right. will be testing miami sooner or later on that.
    I always liked they way, Toms/Congas interact with SD and BD - all with careful accent prog'ing sounds great, still. I sold both of my 808's, I think one of them in the 90s, the other one in mid 2000'th.

    and today: you can make money just selling an ms20 these days.

    anyway, like the way you did it here! it's all about the final "product".
  9. Thanks for the compliments

    I'm working on Oberheim DMX atm, very different again. Found quite some tracks already (some are a bit harder to spot than the Linn and TR series), any requests?