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Hört sich interessant an was ich verstehe ...! :like:

What is Architect?
Architect is a modular MIDI toolkit, which you can use to build MIDI generating, sequencing, and processing devices using a visual flow-based programming language. It has a collection of over 300 built-in modules, ranging from the big - analogue-style modular step sequencers and Lua script modules - down to the small - bitwise manipulators and mathematical functions - and everything in between. Devices can be exported as macros, shared, or re-used in further projects. Unlimited undo and redo ensure encourages exploration by guaranteeing that you can return to a "good" state.

And once you've built your device, you can give it a custom user interface using the integrated vector-based interface designer.

What do I need to run Architect?
Architect can run both as a standalone App, or as an AU, VST, or AAX plug-in. It will be available for macOS (10.7 and higher), Windows (Vista and above), and Linux.

Linear and non-linear sequencing
Items can be arranged in a linear timeline (with flexible multiple time signature support), or played live using a session. But why pick one? Both run simultaneously ,so feel free to combine linear arrangements with improved session work.


Controller and mappings
Map hardware controllers, or even your computer keyboard to practically anything using a flexible mapping system. Mapped devices can even be routed into the modular graph view for further processing.

Live coding
Changes to the flow graph can be made and updated in real-time, or made "offline" by using the freeze function and only committed when you've made all the changes you want. By default, matching noteoff messages are automatically generated when a module or cable that had previously received a noteon message is deleted or disconnected, ensuring that you have no hung notes. MIDI processing modules will also remember how they processed noteon messages, to ensure that the noteoff will get to where it should, even if the graph has changed in the meantime.

Plug-in Hosting
Architect can host VST2 and VST3, AU, and LADSPA plug-ins and has it's own flexible mixer it you prefer to do all your music making in a single application. Alternately, you can route MIDI, audio out, or CV data out to a host or external hardware for further processing in another application.

When can I get it
Architect will be available to everyone in public beta form on 31st December 2018, with this very thread being the first place to find it. Architect will be available to purchase shortly afterwards for £140, but during the public beta phase and until the release of 1.0, will be available at a 25% "early-bird" discount. (Anyone who is already owed a copy from whatever reason, please contact me via PM or email, and I can sort you out a licence ready for when the Architect downloads are made public.)
Wow, werd ich mir auch auf jeden Fall sehr genau anschauen!

MIDI ist das neue CV/Gate ;-) - und wie es aussieht ist sogar mal eben noch ein kleines "Ableton" mit dabei??

Welcome to Architect, and thank you for being part of the Architect beta test. A beta software
product is not quite a finished software product, and as such does not necessarily represent
the quality of the final release: features may be missing, and bugs may be present.

Architect is a modular MIDI toolkit and music production environment for macOS, Windows,
and Linux. Similar to the classic modular synths, you build patches from small modules that
work together to generate pieces impossible to conceive of using conventional compositional


The most recent beta uploads will always be found here. As new beta builds become available, I will archive the older builds here so as anyone can downgrade if newer builds introduce show-stopping bugs.

The most recent copy of the quick-start guide (PDF) can be found here.

During the beta phase, Architect will be available at a discounted "early-bird" price, 25% of the standard price of £140 + VAT. You can purchase Architect directly from us here.

Happy Architecting (and Happy new year too.)
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kann die OSX beta nicht downloaden,
hat das hier bei euch geklappt ?
ok, jetzt hats geklappt.
Musste dazu auf den "older builds" link gehen, wo die 0.9.2 aber auch drauf ist.

bin gespannt.........vielleicht nicht mein Ding wegem rumprogrammieren......aber interessant.
ja, midi könnte das neue CV/gate sein ;-)

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