MAM MAP 1 midi arpeggiator [English]



Hi ,
i bought from ebay a MAM MAP 1 midi arpeggiator without manual but i thought is not problem.
I send a note to the midi in but nothing comes out on the midi out connected to my synth. I allready check many conbination but nothing.

Do has somebody a solution or this unit is broken?

Thanks in advance.
You have MIDI Clock = int ?

If you attached the MAP to the masterkeyboard, you must switch this to "local off"
1. Check the Midi-Channel your Keyboard is sending.
2. Set the MAP-1 Midi-In-Channel to this channel.
3. Check the MAP-1 Midi-Out-Channel and make sure it is set to the same channel your Sound-Module responds to.
Then it should work.

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