music instrument shops in berlin

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  1. Sein

    Sein .

    Hello everyone!

    congratulations on Germany's winning!

    I'm going to visit Berlin in a few days and wanted to find out if there are any good music instrument shops (around the center).
    Maybe a analog synthesizer museum? :)
    Maybe a shop which sells korg, moog t-shirts? )

    couldn't find any info on the internet.

    Thanks a lot guys,
  2. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    if you go to berlin check out its in the alexanderplatz, which you should visit anyway ;-)

    about shirts: I don't have a clue, maybe its much smaller here in germany then expected.. especially analog shops - there are none exept schneidersbuero .. it's because they all buy at ebay, so no1 can open a vintage synth shop.. there are normal shops like sound&drumland etc..
    but it's nothing special about them..

    just to be honest ;-)
  3. martyn

    martyn .

    there's a small shop for used instruments in the eberswalder straße near the mauerpark. sometimes they have old analog synths:

    at sound-and-drumland you can play e.g. moog voyager, mono-evolver, access virus and many other synths:

    like moogulator said a good shop is schneiders büro.
  4. Sein

    Sein .

    Moogulator, Martyn:

    Thanks a lot for the information guys!

    All the best,
  5. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    have fun in Podolski-Land ;-)