My video demos with soviet analog synthesizers (6 models)

Hello everybody! I want to share my demos I've been doing for a long period. I sure you've heard about some of them (at list Polivoks), but in this "collection" there are also few rare synths, so maiby it can be interesting for some of you. All the synths have been made in the 80's, some of them were repaired befor recording a video.
In my opinion the best soviet synths are Polivoks, RITM-2, Aelita and Altair-231. In this topic I can show three of them.

RITM-2. It has only one generator, but despite its "modest" appearance it has good capability and I very like its saturated fat sound. Originally this synth doesn't have MIDI-input, but this one has been upgraded. On the video I also create some easy midi track with laptop and sent it to Ritm-2 to show its ability.

Soviet analog synths of 80's

Hello! If anybody interesting in true soviet analog sound check my topic with 6 videos about those rare synths: POLIVOKS, RITM-2, ALTAIR-231, MAESTRO, ALISA-1387 and KVINTET. I posted it in a nearby topic:


Re: My video demos with soviet analog synthesizers (6 models

Thank you for sharing your vid's with us.
Polivoks is well known but the others l have never heard about, very interesting.
My favorite is Opus and l have to say WOW .... Of course I'm a big fan of string machines but that one sounds really great and gives a lot of posibillties to modify the sound.

It would be nice to hear them all together in one song to see how they fit together.
Was there ever produced a rythm machine in Russia ???

Tanks again and greetings to Belarus
Re: My video demos with soviet analog synthesizers (6 models

Hi Fred! Thanks for the message.
To be objective - not all those synth were produced in Russia. For example your favorite OPUS is from Latvia, Altair-231 is from Ukraine... but in that period it was part of USSR.
All the videos were filmed in different years and unfortunately I don't have all this collection now: only Polivoks and Opus. So I couldn't create a song with all this instruments. But still I use at least Polivoks. For example for this song:
You can hear Polivoks in the song on: 0:00-0:29, 1:40-1:54, 3:09-4:16, 4:16-4:33, 5:04-5:19, 5:49-5:57

Of course in Soviet Union produced rythm machines too. However this type of devices is not so interesting for me although I have once Estradin-11 (by the way, from Ukraine) - very heavy and amusing machine (you can check this video: Also there are many another devices, for example LEL PSR, LEL DR-8 (and DR-9), Pulsar, Electronica RITM and etc.

If you like string machines you can also notice TOM-1501.


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