New Serge M-odule released: the Audio Matrix Mixer M-odule.

Dieses Thema im Forum "Modular" wurde erstellt von Moduleman, 16. April 2009.

  1. hello,

    a new Serge M-odule has just been released: the 'Audio Matrix Mixer' M-odule.

    it contains (from left to right):
    an ac-coupled Matrix Mixer, a Dual VCA (both ac-coupled) and another Dual VCA (also both vca's ac-coupled).

    price is 1600 usd.

    the audio matrix mixer module includes an extra attenuator in each of its 4 inputs, to control the amount of each sonic element that is applied to ALL 4 output mixes of the matrix.

    also, inputs one and two include a phase inverting and muting switch.

    so, just imagine the possibilities with this new m-odule...

    for example, by mixing 3 audio sources (from NTO's, PCO's, DSG's, etc...) and using the 4th matrix mixer input to create feedback (after processing one mix of these 3 audio sources with another Serge sonic mangler) and also using the 4 ac-coupled vca's to introduce organic AM into your patches (either in the inputs or outputs of various devices), the tonal complexity you could achieve will be limitless...

    i can personally recommend this m-odule, as i have the dc-coupled brother of this (the 'CV Matrix Mixer' m-odule) in my system and it is simply great.

    there is an M-odule sketch in the folder "m-odules sketches" of the files section of the Yahoo Serge Modular Users Group.

    (all text above courtesy of the friendly 'Bakis' organic device. :D )

    best regards,