New Serge M-odule released: the Dual Q Filter M-odule.

Dieses Thema im Forum "Modular" wurde erstellt von Moduleman, 1. Mai 2009.

  1. hello,

    a new Serge M-odule has been released:

    the 'Dual 'Q' Filter' M-odule. Price is 1600 USD

    it contains the following modules (from Left to Right):

    AC-coupled 3-channel audio mixer, Variable Q VCF, Variable Q VCF, Dual VCA (one vca is AC-coupled the other vca is DC-coupled), and a Mix Processor (DC-coupled).

    with that M-odule, you can create various filtering slopes (12db and even 24db, with a patch described in detail here): ) and also, of course, you get various filter responses (BP, LP, HP, Notch).
    the VCFQ module has a slope of 12db/oct.
    the filters can be patched to self-oscillate and they have a trigger In socket, for exciting them to produce various percussive sounds.
    By exciting the resonant filters in 'Lo' mode, you can use them as interesting modulation sources.
    by combining them in parallel, you can get a twin Q peak also. or, by connecting them in series, you can get a BP filter with variable bandwidth and twin Q peaks also, etc...
    also you get two vca's for your audio, AM, and inter-patch modulation index needs, plus a mix processor for scaling, mixing and inverting cv's.

    the Dual Q Filter M-odule sketch is in the M-odules folder, of the Files section, of the Yahoo Serge Modular Users Group.

    best regards,