New Serge M-odule released: the Stereo Mixer M-odule.

Dieses Thema im Forum "Modular" wurde erstellt von Moduleman, 16. März 2009.

  1. hello,

    a new Serge M-odule has been released: the 'Stereo Mixer' M-odule.

    it contains (from left to right):
    Quadrature Oscillator module, Dual Transient Generator module, Dual VCA (ac-coupled), Dual Channel Stereo Mixer module (with level and panning voltage controlled).

    with this M-odule, the user is presented with a bank of six VCA's (two in the stereo mixer module, two in the Dual VCA, two hardwired in the two outs of the Quad Osc) and two transient generators plus a quadrature sinewave Osc.

    so, he has plenty of cv sources to use for modulating volume (or AM synthesis) and for modulating Pan Position, etc...

    the Quad Osc goes into well into Audio range, so it can be used as Audio source as well.

    Price is 1700 USD.

    M-odule photo is in the files section of the yahoo Serge Modular Users Group.