output & envelope level at yamaha dx7

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  1. ali

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    Dear All,

    i am new with this topic. I have a question regarding the dx7 Yamaha.
    my question is: what is the relation between the output level operator and the envelope generator levels (L1, L2, L3, L4)? for example if the output levet is 99 and the envelope generator is L1= 99, L2=80, L3=74, L4=0, what is the real output level? there is any equation for that? what is the number 99 at the output level and the envelop level mean in db?
    the second question is about the Envelope rates(R1,R2,R3,R4), for example if R1= 99,R2=84,R3=74,R4=20, how can i calculate the time in second form the attack to the release stage?

    thanks in advance,
  2. Summa

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    Rate = Speed and not a time, the time is depending on the delta/distance between the Levels, that way you could say it's the slope of the envelope function.
  3. Moogulator

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    the output level ist the amount the envelope will be at at max. level.

    so those levels are at maximum, this is what they will be at - the OUTPUT LEVEL. with all levels down at high output levels it won't reach much beyond sinusodial character.
    l1 will be at max so it will start from maximum, then. with rate 1 time it will get down and less higher harmonics since l2 is lower etc..

    so .. that's not about dB, its about the chance in it's spectrum if you have chosen modulating Operators!! (where one is carrier, the other one is modulator)
    it won't get louder but changes the sound drastically, so you got filter-like reactions when the envelope is set as decaying / percussive - falling structure and therefore gets darker like turning the filter down..
    of course the sound will be determined by the rate of the frequencies of both envolved OPs.
    the rate = time the EG takes to get youfrom one L to another (L1 to L2 to...) and levels are "abstracts" - that's because it's digital.. so it's not exactly corresponding to something but have been scaled to fit best with 100 steps.

    hope that helps a bit to understand what it's all about?