Parallel Worlds free mp3's!

hello list, :)
In the Shima records website, there

hello list, :)
In the Shima records website, there are many free mp3's from Parallel Worlds to download if you want.
i'd really apreciate any comments / feedback!

link: ... loads.html

these mp3's are unreleased tracks not included in any of my three full-length cd albums (that means for me lesser leftover tracks).

ok, some synth-anatomy for the following mp3 free tracks:

"strange hapiness": this track was written back in 1998 and it was made with little equipment: akai s950, tg77, pulse+, basstation rack, monopoly, wavestation, tx216, sh101, tg55, akai ax80, jx8p.
this track is "rather normal" for my taste, and that's the reason that is not included in my albums

the "Parts of transitions" track is only real-time(no multitracking) improvisation with prepared analogue <a href="">Sequencer</a>uences and sounds. cv/triggers/gates.... it was done in an 80 modules system. yes, back then my system was small... no midi, no anything. all effects are from the a100 modular and a little reverb and delay from standard mid-range multieffect units was added. i prepared some synth sounds in my a100 and then i faded them in and out using my mixing console and onboard a100 mixers. this track was written in end of 2001.

"Sorrow": is an older track. i uses NI generator for strings, ms 10 for bass and some other monosynths probably(sh101,monopoly,sh2) and nord micromodular. this track is from 2000.

"Nightfall": drums are korg electribe R, bass is my, then very small, a100 modular, synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uences from my monopoly, samples from my emax2and probasbly, some other monosynths were used like sh2,sh101,arp odyssey mk2. some pads are from ms2000r and jp8000. at least that's all i can remember, as it is a track from 2001.

hope you like them!
best regards.
thanks for listing the gear..
I wonder why there is no feed

thanks for listing the gear..
I wonder why there is no feedback still.. I assume it's because it is MONDAY (uaaaaahhh!!!)