Roland SH 2000 kleine Modifikation zum Roland "Sigma?

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  1. Ich habe kürzlich von einer Möglichkeit gelesen,den alten Roland
    SH 2000 mit einem kleinen Eingriff so zu verändern,dass die 30 Presets
    auch beliebig geschaltet werden können,so dass Klangmöglichkeiten wie bei einem Korg Sigma entstehen.Hat hier vielleicht jemand diese
    Veränderungen mit seinem SH2000 durchgeführt,und kann dazu vielleicht mehr dazu sagen?

    Gruss Jürgen
  2. klingt interessant, meinste das hier von hc ?

    - Read on and you will find out why I call my SH-2000 a "SH-2000+" -

    Features : 8
    The SH-2000 is actually packed with features that you can't get your hands on. Under the hood there are 3 LFO's, a complex wavetable divider oscillator, noise generator, Resonant VCF(with bypass and Distortion) and VCA. If you look at the scematics you will notice this.
    Programmeble features:
    VCF cutoff and resonance with LFO modulation
    Repeat with speed control(mandolin-effect)
    Random note(S&H controlled by LFO speed)
    Portamento (with speed control and slow mode)
    Aftertouch (controlling volume,wow, growl(fast VCF LFO modulation) and vibrato)
    Like I said before, the SH-2000 has a wavetable divider oscillator, and this particular goody you can actually get access to, and best of all very easily.
    You simply have to open you SH-2000 and reconnect the wires to all the preset-rocker-switches - sort of making a straight pass.
    When this operation is done, you will have some kind of a Roland SH-2000 "Sigma".(Like The Korg KP-30 Sigma)
    Goz now you can mix all waveforms simultaniously. Thust me! this takes the SH-2000 to another level. You will not be disappointed, coz now it will make sounds that even the grand SH-5 can't do. The SH-3A has a divider oscillator but not as complex as this one and the SH-7 has a four octaves Square oscillator but very simple.
    The SH-2000 can mix Saw octaves, Square octavs, PWM and noise now, and the preset Envelope-settings will be mixed aswell.
    Ist funny how Roland chose not to make this cool feature available.
    Still you cannot detune the waveforms for animation though...
    ONE MORE GOODY: If you place the Random note switch between "note" and "on" the oscillator bank will be noise-modulated by the noise generator, which makes really really cool "big bang" sound FX.
    So you might say that is't a very limited synth a first sight - but I give it a 8-rating with the modification.

    Expressiveness/Sounds : 8
    The aftertouch is very nice and smooth - better that most modern synths.
    Ofcause the sounds are not that realistic due to the analog structure, but still the "bassoon" preset is impressive. It is clear that is uses the "under the hood" filter distortion.
    Another realistic sound is the "POPCORN" preset - I guess you already know it.
    The "Wind" preset sound like nice windy weather.
    The Presets are quite useful if you like all kinds of synth-music.

    The VCF is dirty and self-oscillates if you like - DIRTY.
    With the rocker-switch-modification there are a lot of crasy lead sound to enjoy.
    For a "one-oscillator synth" it rocks.
  3. ja,genau dieen Text meimte ich..danke!
    Zudem habe ich noch einen Komentar beu gefunden:
    Posted by wizard - My Score:
    The SH-2000 might be simple due to its one oscillator. BUT... that oscillator is actually and waveboard like the SH-3a Korg KP-30 SIGMA.
    So, with at very easy surgical operation it is possible to make all the waves of a SH-2000 mixable. You just have to open the casing and redirect all the wires between the preset-switches under the keys and them you have a much more flexible synth. Saw 32' to 4, Square 8' 8'+2' and 4', PWM 8' and Noise is now combinable within the range of preset-settings. Funny thing is that it combines envelope voltage too. The SH-2000 has a build in fixed filter with overdrive and bypass. This filter is very present in the pretty realistic preset "bassoon".
    Sadly Roland didn' make a programmeble version of this cool synth, coz if the had, they would have achieved a SH-synth that would even challange the SH-5's two VCO's.
    An SH-5 havn't got phaselocked oscillators, and therefor the SH-2000 with its waveboard-oscillator would have been a kind of physical-modelling for ist time - at least in my opinion ;o)

    A LITTLE TRICK: place the random-note switch between "note" and "on" and get ready for super cool "big bang" "thunder" effects. Somehow the SH-2000 overrule the sampler and reads the pink noise directly. BOOM!!!
    Really cool sounds hear ;o)

    Good luck with the surgical job (if you wan't over 100 new sound combis)"
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    ...oder man kauft sich einfach einen sh-1000...