sampler drum erica synth

hallo zusammen
ich wollte ein paar eigene wav samples auf die sd karte von dem sampler drum laden,nun kann es das modul es nicht lesen,
auf der sd karte von erica synth sind .wav und .dat (bild) --- kein plan was ich machen muss
vielleicht weiss jemand ein lösung

Manuela sagt: "The module comes with the 16Gb microSD card with an adapter with the factory
preset sample library, but you can use your own samples. The samples have to be wav, mono,
48kHz 16bit resolution. Lower sample rate samples will work as well and will be interpolated
to play at correct speed with different sample rate samples. For example if you want to save
RAM you can load in 22KHz sample rate samples which will be two times smaller in size.
You can also load one side of a stereo file. You will be asked which side (L or R) to load if you load
single file but if you are loading whole folder L side of stereo files will be loaded automatically."
"In RECORD mode you can record samples directly to the RAM of the module and afterwards
save them to the SD card. Samples are saved as 16bit 48Khz wav files. 12bits is the resolution
of the ADC. Maximum record time is 30". To record the sample, patch the audio signal to
CV3/REC (bottom row CV3) input."


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