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    da könnet ich glatt schwach werden :mrgreen: Zum erstem mal das mir diese "kLEINTEILE" rein Optisch gefallen :opa:
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    was ist denn das "frames" modul? kenn ich gar nicht
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    New modules (release expected in december 2013 Could change)
    SHADES :
    - Utility Module mixing / mitigation / voltage shift (offset) .
    - 3 channels is adjustable attenuator in either polarizer (' atténuverteur ') .
    - Standardized +5 V or +10 V constant voltage generation (offset ) Hall.
    - Outputs strung together in other to use blender.
    - High accuracy and transparency Amplifiers .
    - 6HP

    PEAKS :
    - Utility Multifunction Module generating CV or audio signals from triggers: envelope , LFO generator 808 percussion type, all on two channels.
    - Two trigger inputs , two outputs.
    - Two editing modes : coupled (both channels share the same parameters, but are triggered independently ) or separated ( one control two parameters for each channel ) .
    - 8HP

    features :
    ADSR envelope * / AD
    * LFO with sinus shape / square / triangle / slots / with random variations ( duty cycle , slope)
    * LFO with tempo setting .
    * Generator BD and SD TR- 808, after modeling the original circuits.

    YARNS :
    - Interface MIDI manager up to 4 channels : either 1, 2 , 3, 4 sections
    independent ( each with its own MIDI channel ) is a section
    polyphonic 2 or 4 channels .
    - Each section has its own arpeggiator and step sequencer
    ( 64 steps ) , inspired MIDIpal .
    - Each CV output may be replaced by a digital oscillator
    Simple ( waveform 5 ) assigned to a section .
    - 12 HP

    The module is equipped with a MIDI output allows controlling
    instruments with external sequencer / internal arpeggiator , or
    to " spill over" notes exceeding the polyphony to a second
    interface or a MIDI synthesizer.

    TIDES :
    - Function Generator can be used as AD / AR envelope , LFO , or oscillator.
    - 3 frequency ranges , the module containing in all 0.001 Hz to 15kHz .
    Operating cycle (LFO / oscillator ) in single pass (AD ) or single pass with steady ( AR) . Calibrated V / Oct to be "played" on musical scales .
    - Adjust the ratio of rise time and fall ; waveshaper
    with various forms of curves uphill and downhill , and wavefolder filter to smooth the curve or dent - all controllable CV .
    - CV controlling the output level (and therefore requires no external VCA ) .
    - CLOCK input to (in addition to a conventional sync with division / multiplication of frequency) to "learn" the module output in a rhythmic pattern sequencer . The CLOCK input operates as a PLL for audio frequencies.
    - Gate -end attack / decay outputs for chaining multiple
    shell segments .
    - Outputs "unipolar" and "bipolar" - with a positive bump in the attack phase , and a negative bump during the decay phase or loosening .
    - At audio frequencies , the module behaves as a synthetic route
    digital to very special stamp .
    - 14 HP

    FRAMES :
    - Module morphing . Used in blender, generator CV or router / signal distributor 4 channels (or even combinations mixing these functions). The module allows you to store multiple (up to 64 ) different configurations gains of each of its four channels (or output CV for unconnected inputs ) , and then allows
    to interpolate from one to the other - the movement being controlled by the
    middle button or a CV.
    - 20 HP

    Surprises !

    Braids Easter Egg : write " 49" in the text editing to ear a morse code. It's an extract of the book Thomas Pynchon's "The Crying of Lot 49"

    Braids update ( in 10 days) Will add :
    * Adjusted wave tables in memory to minimize
    phase difference / amplitude between shapes and textures generate
    more uniform.
    * New WLIN mode to scan all the forms
    wave of wavetable mode on a single dimension using the button
    STAMP . The COLOR button selects different modes of interpolation /
    * New fashion DRUM generating a metal percussion deaf can
    be " held " in drone.

    CVpal : USB- > CV / Gate dual channel kit - easy to
    DIY beginners ! Eurorackable or small independent housing. iPad
    / OS X / Linux.

    Shruthi XT version of " one knob per function" of Shruthi , size
    compact on a single PCB .

    And to finish ... there is more to find easter egg ... will you find 'em ? Olivier Will reveal em When He will come back for the 2nd Release Party !
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    cool, danke dir

    ...schon wieder scheiss GAS :mrgreen:
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    Olivier hat wohl....Blut geleckt. Ich gönne es Ihm!