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  1. Hallo ich wollte mal auf dieses wunderschöne Free Plug in von Soundtoys aufmerksam machen

    Soundtoys Little AlterBoy

    hier ist der Code zum download

    nachfolgend die Hersteller Beschreibung

    Soundtoys gives you an exciting new tool for dramatic voice alteration: Little AlterBoy™: Featuring pitch and formant shifting, the overly popular pitch-quantizing hard tune effect, pitch locked robot voice and much more. We've even included one of our classic tube saturation models from Decapitator to add warmth or edge to your new vocal creation and it's all free. Don't miss your chance to "get altered" with Little AlterBoy! Limited Time Only.

    EDM Style Octaves
    Pitch Quantizing/Hard Tuning
    Robotic Computer Voices
    Simple Harmony
    Gender Voice Reassignment
    Modern Doubling
    Special Effects/DJ Vocals
    Insane Monster Voices

    * No iLok Required
    * Supports VST, Audio Units, and AAX Native. Mac & Windows.
    A Bit of History

    Soundtoys owner, lead designer, and resident gear fanatic has a solid history in the history of pitch shifting. He designed the world's first intelligent pitch shifter while at Eventide*, the renowned H3000. His original pitch plug-ins for the early days of Pro Tools broke ground and are still unsurpassed. His PurePitch was the first ever real-time formant-preserving pitch shifter. SoundBlender was the first pitch based multi-fx plug featuring intelligent pitch shifting and a massively powerful modulation matrix. And PitchDoctor and Speed were pro class pitch correction, and time/pitch compression/expansion algorithms. Just an idea of how well Soundtoys knows pitch.

    Soundtoys, Little AlterBoy, AlterBoy and their respective logos are all trademarks of Soundtoys, Inc.
    *All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Soundtoys. These trademarks are used only for historical reference or to identify products whose sounds or tone were studied in the development of AlterBoy and Little AlterBoy.
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