Super JX - Neue Firmware für JX10 und MKS70

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    New features
    In a nutshell, the rewrite provides :
    New midi implementation

    each parameter is now OFF/RECV/SEND/ON, allowing fine control of what gets sent and what is filtered.
    sysex support : allow edition of patch, tone A and tone B individually. (No need for M64 cartridge)
    fast bulk dump/load : 4-5 seconds to dump everything. Can dump to/from cartridge and internal memory.
    edition of parameters (patch and tones) sends sysex, so all editions can be sequenced. PG800 is also supported here, so editions made from the PG800 can also be sequenced.
    copy from/to cartridge to create a full backup of the internal memory (all settings are now copied to the cartridge or restored from it)

    Controls C1 and C2 enhancements

    any tone parameter can be assigned to C1 or C2
    any arpeggiator parameter can be assigned to C1 or C2
    C1 and C2 can be used, in tone edit mode, to modify upper/lower tone parameter. This allows quick editing of tones for those who don’t have a PG800.

    Arpeggiator (JX10 only)

    8 arpeggiators “patches”
    internal or external synchronization
    supports up, down up/down, played and random notes ordering
    various arpeggio types
    velocity setting (fixed or played)
    note duration (1-15 or legato)
    use lower split point to control which notes are arpeggiated

    PG800 support
    New display options

    control whether updates from sysex, pg800 or controllers are displayed temporarily on-screen

    Compatibility mode

    allows to disable new features for full compatibility with old software (for example, sysex changes made to tone A can be redirected to the currently selected tone, etc...)

    Test modes

    test hardware controllers (voices, A/D controllers (aftertouch, bender, C1/C2), keyboard)
    test memory chips

    For MKS70 owners, please note that the MONO mode (one voice per midi channel) is NOT SUPPORTED in this release.
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