Synthrotek DS-M Eurorack Analog Drum Synth Module

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    Street Release: December 5th 2014

    We are pleased to introduce the new Synthrotek analog drum synth module: the DS-M

    The DS-M is a complete mono voice as well as a drum synth all in 8HP.
    Just connect your midi to Control Voltage converter CV output and gate output (or a QuNexus) into the trigger input and CV input on the DS-M to use the onboard envelope and VCA.
    1v/o tracking for 4 octaves C0-C4

    You can also use the DS-M as a full featured drum synth that can emulate virtually any drum sound!

    Costs will be $175.00 Complete Eurorack
    $99 Complete Eurorack Kit
    $39.99 pcb / panel combos
    OUR OG "Space Drum Synth" kit for $75 can be built using a 9v battery. The new ds-m takes +12 and -12. If you have a wall wart for that, it will work