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text of the Torah translated into music

Dieses Thema im Forum "Media 2.0" wurde erstellt von Lois, 2. Dezember 2011.

  1. Lois

    Lois ...

    It has long had the idea to translate the Torah into the music and was finally able to do so. So I can show it.
    It is necessary to install the program.
    Download the archive and extract the root of drive C. There are 2 program files and database (the Torah was translated into musical notes).
    Next, in windsurfing press "Start" then "Run ..."
    In the window that opens, type the command
    This opens a black window. It typed the following commands:
    cd c: \
    midipl base.txt 100

    (Of course, after each team need to press Enter)
    Instead of 100 you can enter any number from 1 to 127. They are just different tools
    It should work.
    It's very beautiful!
  2. BTW (if music is maths):
    Do you know the film Pi?
    It is about numerology (a 216-digit number), spirals and mathematical models - and about the kabbalah and the torah.
  3. Lois

    Lois ...

    I know this movie. It's very interesting! I know a thing hidden in the Kabbalah. You interested?
    Write to me.
  4. Lois

    Lois ...

    Do you want me to tell you an amusing tale that is associated with translation of the Torah in the music. I sent it to various people including one American who is the newest technology and is engaged in music, namely, algorithmic music and it is closely connected with all the elite of the most advanced. In principle, these people are not so many and they are, what sort of international governance, which addresses very important issues. They immediately determined that this program is linked with an international sensation and intelligence agencies have requested about me to decide whether I was doing internationally known. Those they were told that I belong to a very unpleasant for them to community and they decided not to do anything else. So I lost a million and the opportunity to realize their ideas. The world is completely censored! I will not describe their plight financial situation here is precisely because such a policy, but it is. How do I know this - a mystery. I also do not reveal the names of participants in the conspiracy against me.
  5. CS1x

    CS1x .

    Zdarova Lois kak dela? ;-)
  6. Lois

    Lois ...

    Да вроде всё ништяк. А ты кто?
  7. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    nurph reoto nuelpa zapp?
  8. CS1x

    CS1x .

  9. Lois

    Lois ...

  10. Wer Probleme mit dem Lateinischen hat, hier die Übersetzung des Satzes ins Deutsche:

    Nimmst du bei der Rückkehr die "Nürnberg - Las Palmas" Strecke?

    Und so bildet es sich zusammen:

    nurph = Du nehmen?
    reoto = Rückkehr
    nuelpa = Nürnberg (NUE) - Las Palmas (LPA)
    zapp = Strecke