U-he (The Dark) Zebra v2.8

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    hans zimmer howard scarr the dark zebra u-he zebra


ZebraHZ 2.9.1 is finally updated to match the recent release of Zebra2, which itself had a few minor bugs fixed. At Hans' request, ZebraHZ 2.9.1(part of The Dark Zebra soundset) has been extended with some extra modules: there are now 4 Comb filters and 3 Resonators! If you own The Dark Zebra and wish to update, simply request an email with a download link from the My Licenses page.


Danke für die Info. ZebraHZ ist immer noch meine beste Waffe für sphärische, vielschichtige, niemals langweilig werdende, aber auch kaputte, Flächen.


musicus otiosus
Update für Zebra2/Zebralette/TheDarkZebra auf v2.9.2

Big Sur compatibility
DarkZebra mit NKS und PresetTags
Neue GUI für Zebralette:

Zebra 2.9.2 (revision 10374)


  • Big Sur compatibility
  • Soundset installer support
  • Browser: Bank name feature added
  • Browser: Alternative search method using wildcards
  • Reveal in Finder/Explorer behaviour improved
  • Full-size editors: Grid background graphics are back
Fixed Bugs:

  • Browser: Numerous fixes and improvements
  • Loading presets during scan: Issue fixed (Windows only)
  • Minor GUI fixes/tweaks
Known Issues:

  • MSEG fill gradient graphics glitch (Windows only)
  • Context menus need plugin focus to work (macOS issue)
  • Crash when trying to load script presets (e.g. Randomizer)

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