Verdammt ich will diesen drummie 880 von System 80

wie auf Absprache habe ich heute diese Info bekommen

880, a classic analogue drum machine in Eurorack
Having blown past two self-imposed deadlines all we can say is that it's still happening. It's an 808 clone in Eurorack. We call it the 880. It's currently in pre-production, which means we're waiting for our contract manufacturer to finish production samples for testing before we begin the first production run. We'll make an announcement when it's ready to pre-order.
Lustig, aber ist die ist noch kleiner als eine TR-08? Die Hats klingen irgendwie falsch. Da fehlt das silbrige phasige etwas.
ja das ist von der canadischen Firma System 80 das layout haben sie etwas geändert...vor etwa einem jahr hatte es noch die Bezeichnung 808 jetzt 880. wahrscheinlich um stress mit Roland zu umgehen...

995 $

880 Firmware​

Latest 880 firmware: 1.1.4​

  • While the sequencer is running, press SHIFT + ACCENT to activate the SHIFT LOCK feature. The ACCENT LED will start blinking and all buttons will respond as if the SHIFT key is being held down
  • Press just the ACCENT button to disable SHIFT LOCK
  • Use SHIFT LOCK to mute and unmute instruments without needing to hold down the SHIFT key
  • SHIFT LOCK applies the SHIFT function to all buttons, including MODE, AUTO FILL IN, and STEP buttons
  • Solo an instrument by pressing its select button while holding down the CLEAR button. All other instruments will be muted and the soloed instrument will play on its own
  • Deactivate a soloed instrument by pressing its select button. All instruments will be unmuted, clearing the previous mute states
  • Hold down the SHIFT key to display the mute state of all instruments
  • Press ALT + AUTO FILL IN to save the current sync mode
  • Ensure an external clock is connected when powering on after saving to an external sync mode (MIDI clock or DIN Sync24 on the DIN jack, or 2 PPQN clock on the SYNC IN jack). A valid clock on the selected sync input is required to drive the user interface.
  • With the Trigger Input Interface connected (881 or 880 desktop enclosure), navigate to MANUAL PLAY mode and press SHIFT + STEP 8. The required sync mode (DIN SYNC OUT) will automatically be selected

  • When STEP RESET MODE is active, a pulse received on the AC/1 (881) or ASSIGN 1 (880 enclosure) jack will reset the pattern to the first step
  • Activate or disable STEP RESET MODE in MANUAL PLAY mode by pressing SHIFT + TAP + STEP 8
  • STEP RESET MODE is saved between power cycles and should be left disabled when the TII is not connected
  • While the sequencer is running in PATTERN EDIT mode, press SHIFT + TAP to fill all steps with the currently selected instrument
  • Press CLEAR + TAP to clear all steps of the currently selected instrument
  • CLEAR + ACCENT clears all currently active mutes

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