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    "Here is my little test to see how close I could get to the original Equinoxe 5, just by using the Virus KB. I've made the MIDI file and all the patches that is being played. The whole thing is recorded in one shot using multimode. The Virus KB loose some sounds at the most extreme parts, but does a pretty good job for being just one synth! You don't need hundreds of synths to get the job done, just a Virus ;-)"

    Zum Vergleich das Original:

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    Klasse gemacht :)
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    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:



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    Das macht Laune...

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    Mach dir nix daraus, im Detail hoert man schon wo's hakt bei den Viren ;-) Was die reine Leistung beim erstellen der Demo nicht schmaelert...

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